Hi I am Saber Activtiy 4 challegne 8

Hello i am Keishas sister, Saber and i am 9 .

My favourite food is: Kfc

My favourite colour is : Green and Blue

My favourite game is : Moshi monsters

I like my sister because , she is the nicest sister i have ever had. and well only have 1 !

She and me have in comman things like, Blue eyes , same skin type, same colour hair, big feet and a great smile .

I love my sister so much ! she is awesome and i love her doing my hair!

From Saber xx 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hi I am Saber Activtiy 4 challegne 8

  1. Hi Keisha, thanks for your post.

    I noticed that you have a shelfari. Well done.

    We have one on our class blog, but it has not been updated for a long time. If you would like to update that one with books the class has read let me know.

    Cheers Mr. L

  2. Hey Mr Lamb,
    Thanks for your comment !
    I would love to update it and this is the book i would put on our shelfari, Midnight Library .
    From Keisha

  3. Hey Alexandra ,
    Yes Australia is a cool, i love the beaches and the outback !
    Thanks , and i will go and visit ur blog now !
    From Keisha !

  4. Hello,
    I’m from Canada and I commented on your friends blogs, I told her that I played hockey so she said that she didnt but you did. What is your team called. Mine is called the OUTLAWS! What position do you play? Forward for me. I really like your blog alot! I LOVE HOCKEY!
    This is the link to your friends blog.

    Here is my link to my blog, please comment back!

  5. Dear Lauren ,
    Sorry I took so long to reply !
    I’ve been on holidays !
    Anyway I love Hockey!
    My team is called City !
    And I am A Fullback !
    I will check your blog out know !
    From Keisha

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