Hi I am Saber Activtiy 4 challegne 8

Hello i am Keishas sister, Saber and i am 9 .

My favourite food is: Kfc

My favourite colour is : Green and Blue

My favourite game is : Moshi monsters

I like my sister because , she is the nicest sister i have ever had. and well only have 1 !

She and me have in comman things like, Blue eyes , same skin type, same colour hair, big feet and a great smile .

I love my sister so much ! she is awesome and i love her doing my hair!

From Saber xx ūüôā


Challenge 4 activtiy 3 : After school Activties !

Hey everyone,

After school everyday except for friday I got to an after school care program . At this place we walk from my school to another, we have afternoon tea wich change each day 1 day it my be macaroni cheese and the next toasted sandwiches . After afternoon tea we get to do lots of diffrent activties, such as : cooking, basketball,soccer,board games, and much much more. My mum picks me up between 4.30pm and 5.00pm. Its alot of fun and I have made lots of  new friends!

On tuesdays after pcyc I have hockey training. And On fridays I have started Life saving at my local pool. which is a lot of fun!

What do you do after school?

From Keisha ūüôā

Student Bogging Challenge 2 Activity 7

Hey everyone,

I would love to visit Hawaii because I love the beach and I love the little hula skirts they wear.

I recently visited the following websites and they gave me a lot more information about Hawaii .

To find the best beaches I found this website http://www.hawaiigaga.com/hawaii-best-beaches.aspx.

For some tourism information and some Islands around Hawaii  http://www.gohawaii.com/.

This would make a great holiday¬†vacation for the whole family and¬†there’s¬†lots to see and do¬†¬†.

Heres advice :

1.Go in the months between December and March the others are the Winter season and it tends to rain a lot !

2. Rent a car when you go because there will be lots of other people using the public transport and it gets a bet crazy on a big bus full of people .

This has made me more excited to want to travel to Hawaii , I can’t wait till I do !¬†

Where do you want to travel to ?

Thanks keisha ūüôā


Challenge 2 Sept 2011



Student Blogging Challenge 2 Activity 6

Hey Everyone

Please Answer the questions below and tell me the answers in a comment below!

1. In Australia which season is Christmas in?

2. In China do only Christian people celebrate Easter ?

3 . What are the 3 most common foods eaten in Britain  ?

4. How many states are in the U.S.?

5.What is the Capital of Canada?

Last but not least 6. What is the land area of Seychelles ?

From Keisha

 Challenge 2 Sept 2011

Student Blogging Challenge 2

Hello everyone,

This post is for Miss W, and her Little friend Mr Davo Devil. What you had to do was write a post about where Miss W and her friend Mr Davo Devil where to go on the holiday and they are visting these states and provinces: California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.

These are the places I have choosen in mind they had said they would like to visit national parks and historical places.

1.  In California : They should go to the :  Golden Gate

2. In Washington they should go to :  Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

3. In North Dokota they should go to : Theodore Roosevelt a National Park.

4. In New York they should got to Erie Canalway a  National Heritage Corridor.  


5. In Utah they should go to : Arches a National Park .

Above Arches ^

I hope Miss W and Davo Devil go to see some of these places , Have a great Holiday ūüôā

From Keisha

Challenge 2 Sept 2011







Hello everyone ,

Yesterday tried I made dried  fruit.

Here’s the recipe and some pictures.

1st Cut the the fruit up in to little slices and put them on a tray . ( Make sure there is baking paper on the tray.)

2 nd: If you have fruit like apples and pears soak them in lemon juice.

3rd : After this place back on tray and put in the oven for about 3 hours on 135 degress.


Come back 3 hours later, and it should look like this


Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did …

But Jacinda¬†your grandmas taste way better ūüôā

From Keisha


My Holidays Part 2

Hello everyone,
The end of my holidays have been mostly sleepovers and swimming, that’s about all.
On Monday, I stayed home and watched TV and played the computer, because I had to stay home by myself.
On Tuesday, I went to Alex’s house for a sleepover, Later that Tuesday , we walked into town and went shopping, and we bought lunch , and later went to the pool and had a swim on the inflatable.

On Wednesday , I was still at Alex’s and we again walked to the pool and had a swim. Later that day my mum picked me up .

On Thursday, I stayed home by myself and watched¬†movie’s¬†called Letters To God , It made me cry a little , Phoebe In Wonderland , I watched that one because my favourite actress was in it Bailee Madison, ¬†and I also watched , An¬†Invisible¬†Sign , about a teacher that teachers Maths in a weird way, also has Bailee Madison as an actress.

On Friday I went to a vacation care and we went swimming.

And that about all that happened on my holiday , what¬†happened on your holiday , and if you haven’t been on holidays what are you planing for you next one?

From Keisha ūüôā

My Holiday

Hey everyone,

In Tasmania we have our¬†September holidays, and we are off for 2 weeks! This is the reason why I haven’t been blogging but, have found the time on a¬†Wednesday morning at 7:20.

Yesterday I went to Hobart and went shopping and found the perfect dress for my leavers dinner.

On Sunday it was fathers day and I went to my Aunties and played ping pong and has a yummy BBQ lunch.

On Saturday I played in a Div.3 hockey grand final , but we lost .

On Monday I went to out to the bush to get my mums friend that lived out there, that was coming to stay at our house. 

And¬†that’s¬†my holiday so far sorry about the days not being in order. Please tell me what your holidays were like just¬†comment¬†underneath.¬†

From Keisha

Puppy Doughnuts And Her Fairy Godmother

Dear the world,

Thursday last week I did a story bird. Story Bird is a website that has all sorts of pictures that you can tell a story with.

How to do a story bird:

1. Make an account.

2. Login

3. Browese all the pictures.

4. once you have found a picture you like click on it .

  Take a look:

Please comment and leave links to the storybirds you have done.

From Keisha ūüôā